4 Potential Property Types for First-Home Buyers


Investing in your first home can be both exciting and terrifying because of the colossal financial commitment you plan on making.  With a myriad of exciting homes and properties available in the market, it can be daunting for first-home buyers to make a choice that’s right for them. This guide is designed to display different property types to … Read more »

5 Simple Tips To Create A Blooming Summer Garden

When the cold winter starts becoming a long-gone dream, you’ll want to summerise your garden in time for barbeque season. Before you get carried away with the merriment, you’ll need to undertake some preparatory steps to have your summer garden blooming brilliantly. These 5 simple tips will help you create a blooming summer garden in no time.
Clean Your Garden and … Read more »

5 Standout Activities In Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs To Enjoy This Summer

Must Do Activities In Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs
Decided to make Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs your home? As a long-term or new resident, the region offers some exciting activities that few can ignore. While we can recommend an endless list of things, don’t miss these 5 standout activities in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.
Spend Your Weekends Enjoying Lush Coastal Walks
Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs boasts … Read more »

How To Determine the Market Value of a Property Before Selling

Key Insights to Identify the Market Value of a Property
When it comes to selling your home, several factors come into play – market conditions, property valuations, suburb median pricing and much more. Working with a trusted real estate agent will help you determine the market value of a property before selling. Here are … Read more »

5 Tips To Negotiate A Longer Lease For An Eastern Suburbs Unit

Securing An Eastern Suburbs Unit For The Longer Term
With the Eastern Suburbs in great demand, negotiating a longer lease can help you secure a property for longer. This post shows you how you can maximise your chance of getting a long-lease Eastern suburbs unit. You won’t have to stress about constant moves any longer.
Demonstrate Your Ability To Pay Rent On … Read more »

4 Property Management Tenant-Screening Tactics

Utilising Proven Property Management Tactics to Attract the Right Tenants
If you decide to lease your investment property, you’ll want to attract good tenants who take proper care of it. A good managing agent has the skill and experience to screen and filter out tenants who don’t meet the required criteria. Here are some smart property management tenant-screening tactics that managing … Read more »

Protect An Eastern Suburbs Rental Property From Undesirable Tenants

Caring For Your Eastern Suburbs Rental Property With The Right Property Manager
When leasing your Eastern suburbs rental property, you’ll want tenants who maintain it well with minimal disturbance and damage. With different prospects attending your home inspections, how do you know which one will preserve your home and which one won’t? It’s almost impossible!

Protecting your property is … Read more »

Prepare A Rental For Summer With An Eastern Suburbs Property Manager

Maximise Your Rental Return Over Summer With An Experienced Eastern Suburbs Property Manager
Renting out your Eastern suburbs property may not be hard with the number of people looking to live here. But certain efforts can help you better prepare and earn higher rent, especially if you decide to rent out your property in summer. An experienced … Read more »

6 Eastern Suburb Scenic Spots Delivering Topnotch Harbour Views

view of eastern suburb scenic spots

Eastern Suburb Scenic Spots With The Best Water Views
Living in Sydney’s east is a privilege for many with the abundance of lifestyle prospects, including some impressive Eastern suburb scenic spots. Residents get to enjoy iconic coastal views footsteps from where they live. We’ve put together some Eastern suburb scenic spots for locals.
Dudley Page Reserve
Suburb: Dover Heights

The envy of other parks in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, … Read more »

4 Golden Rules to Securing an Eastern Suburbs Rental Apartment

view of eastern suburbs rental apartment

Securing a Coveted Eastern Suburbs Rental Apartment
Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs continue to remain popular with renters for the numerous lifestyle opportunities they provide. From pristine beaches and waterfront views to trendy cafes, everyone wants a slice of the pie. With eager tenants looking for prized addresses quickly lapping up Eastern suburb properties, it can be hard to get in on the action yourself. Follow these golden rules to … Read more »