4 Nifty Ways To Turn Into A Highly Desirable Tenant

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Looking for rental housing can be stressful in a highly competitive market in Sydney. You have to battle with a myriad of other tenants to emerge as the most successful for a property. Finding smart ways to stand out from your competition will help you in your quest to secure your coveted rental property. Since landlords and property managers don’t have the time to get to know every applicant, follow these nifty tips to position yourself as a highly desirable tenant.

Keep Your Personal And Professional Details Handy On The Inspection Day

First things first! The faster you apply for the property, the more successful you’re likely to be. Pick up an application form and keep all your details handy on the inspection day to make a noteworthy impact on the decision makers. Your details should include:

  • Contact numbers for reaching you.
  • Your employment/business history.
  • Your previous rental ledger.
  • Your bank statements.
  • Personal and professional references.
  • Your credit history.
  • Previous landlord references.

Landlords often conduct checks on prospective tenants, so having all these documents handy will make their work significantly easier and will position you as a responsible renter –and you’ll end up with the property you want.

Pay Close Attention To Small Details To Make An Impression

If you want to make a good impression and position yourself as a desirable tenant, pay close attention to small details. Landlords or property managers staging a home inspection will be attentive to the way prospective tenants are dressed and are likely to form impressions from the beginning. Even if you’re a responsible tenant, coming scruffily dressed to an inspection will put off the landlord or property manager. A clean pressed outfit helps to illustrate that you are likely to keep a home neat. Your ability to arrive at your appointment on time shows that you will respect rental payment deadlines. Be as open and honest as possible to address concerns of landlords. Know that your demeanour and your appearance will play a role in determining whether the landlord chooses you or not.

Emphasise Your Strong Rental And Employment History

If you have a strong rental history, you’ll want to flaunt it, especially if you’re up against several other prospects for your coveted property. Be sure to offer your rental ledger and previous landlord references in the beginning because landlords are more open to renting homes to tenants with strong rental histories. Tenants that are stable with a long employment history also have the best chance of fulfilling a landlord’s number one need – paying the rent on time. So, you will want to feature your employment history as much as possible.

Be An Open Communicator

Landlords and property managers may ask you a host of questions at the inspection to gauge the kind of responses you give. Vague and unclear responses will be met with suspicion because they indicate that you may have something to hide and will put the landlord off. During your discussion with the landlord, speak clearly and with confidence.

Keep in mind that fostering good relationships with any landlord will make your renting experience that much better. Follow these nifty tactics in your quest to turn into a desirable tenant that every landlord wants in their home.

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