Prepare A Rental For Summer With An Eastern Suburbs Property Manager

eastern suburbs property manager

Maximise Your Rental Return Over Summer With An Experienced Eastern Suburbs Property Manager

Renting out your Eastern suburbs property may not be hard with the number of people looking to live here. But certain efforts can help you better prepare and earn higher rent, especially if you decide to rent out your property in summer. An experienced Eastern suburbs property manager can help you better prepare your rental property for summer renting with some smart measures.

Recommends Undertaking Pest Control

During summer, pests and insects can become real problems in homes. They breed more easily and emerge from their winter hibernation when the weather warms up. Cockroaches, spiders, and ants are most commonly seen in summer. If left untreated, they not only cause a nuisance to your tenants, but they also get into wall cavities, subfloors and other internal areas, which will cause expensive damage in the long run. Preventive measures like pest control can help make your property more attractive to tenants.

Advises You To Seal Cavities For Protection Against Insects

Holes and cavities in the floors and walls can result in unwanted creatures crawling into your property. In these instances, your tenants will likely be making plenty of phone calls requesting for pest control. An experienced Eastern suburbs property manager will engage an expert to inspect the house and establish if any repair work is needed to protect your property from these unwanted creatures. This expertise brings down your long-term running costs and protects your property.

Suggests Investing In Fans And Air Conditioning

Many tenants look for comforts like air conditioning and ceiling fans before renting properties. No longer considered luxuries, these necessities provide a great deal of respite when the temperature soars outside in peak summer. Air conditioners cool down the room to comfortable levels, while ceiling fans circulate cool air throughout. Equipped with these summer essentials, you’re likely to fetch a better price for your rental property. Your property manager may also recommend regular servicing of these electrical items in the property to avoid expensive replacement costs later.

Advocates Colour Schemes That Resonate Best With Potential Tenants

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference to the look of your rental property, especially in summer where bright interiors can make all the difference. An experienced property manager can assist in the process by recommending certain colour schemes that resonate best with potential tenants. Property managers are often in and out of multiple home inspections. They understand what tenants look for in rentals. This level of expertise can help you earn greater rental yield.

If you’re looking for an experienced Eastern suburbs property manager who understands the market to help prepare your property for summer, don’t hesitate to call Murray Property today.

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