4 Mistakes to Avoid When Completing a Renovation

house undergoing a renovation

Renovations are meant to highlight the best features of a home, but sometimes they end up being major catastrophes you wish you hadn’t undertaken. Making an erroneous blunder during your renovation is not only expensive, but it can also bring down the value of your property. Here are some mistakes to avoid when completing a renovation on your property.

Not Making Proper Renovation Plans

You must always have a clear plan for your renovations, so you don’t end up overspending and taking longer than necessary to get the work done. Attempting to coordinate poorly-thought-out renovations will end up driving you insane as you juggle between work and home renovations. Your renovation plans should include everything necessary for every individual room – your bedrooms, bathrooms, living room, study and kitchen. Once you are able to establish the renovation elements for each room in your home, you’ll be in a better position to plan the implementation. When you have a clear renovation plan, any confusion or arguments about the work being undertaken are less likely to occur.

Miscalculating Your Budget

Home renovations inevitably end up costing a little more than the budget you have set, but one of the biggest mistakes you could make is getting the budget completely wrong in the first place. Similarly, creating a rigid budget without any room for change will cause you trouble because many renovation glitches don’t manifest until after the project begins. Before setting a budget, be sure to get a few estimates from multiple renovation experts. You should also do proper research about material and labour prices to get an idea of industry standards. This will help you narrow down the right person for the job, along with helping you set a budget. And remember to always leave some room to increase your budget if needed.

Attempting Major DIY Projects Without Any Skill

While DIY projects are good for saving on labour costs, doing anything major on your own without any skill will end up being more costly than hiring a contractor in the first place, especially if you end up compromising the structural integrity of your home. If you want to undertake some DIY work, stick to minor renovations like painting cupboards and fixing windows. Leave major renovation work like replacing electrical wiring and changing gutters to experts who have the skill to undertake the job safely and professionally.

Failure To Check Blueprints Before Wall Tear Downs

Many homeowners are guilty of not properly checking their blueprints before planning a wall teardown. While this doesn’t seem like an issue, the fact is that a particular wall may be holding some important structural element. Tearing down this wall could potentially cause structural damage to your home. For example, tearing down a wall holding plumbing pipes could cause your home to flood with water while ruining your ability to use your bathroom until the issue is fixed. Always check your existing blueprints to ensure that you’re tearing down the right walls when necessary.

If you’re looking to undertake successful home renovations, you’ll want to avoid these mistakes. Drop us a line if you’re looking to purchase a property in Sydney with renovation potential.

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