5 Tips To Prepare A Persuasive Rental Application


Make Your Rental Application Stand Out from the Crowd

Showing up to a home inspection with at least seventy other people means you can’t afford to be careless with your rental application. Agents need to make quick decisions for choosing between tenants. You can make the process a whole lot simpler by following these tips to prepare a persuasive application to win you the rental property that is on the top of your list.

Prepare All Your Documentation

Most landlords or real estate agents will give you a list of documents you need, so make sure you go prepared for all your home inspections because you never know which home will tickle your taste buds. To begin your preparation, here’s a checklist of documents that will come in handy.

  • Completed rental application form.
  • List of references from previous landlords and co-workers.
  • Pay slips and bank statements.
  • Proof of employment.
  • National photo identification.
  • Cover letter.
  • Pet references (if needed).

Keep a few copies of all these documents neatly stored in a folder so you can hand to the agent or landlord on the same day to showcase your keen interest in the property. This level of organisation will win you several points as agents and landlords will appreciate your controlled and systematic nature.

Always Get To Appointments Early Or On Time

While this is a general consideration, you should be aware that landlords and agents keep track of these minute details because this is almost like an insight into the personality of the prospective tenant. For example, tenants that stick to time judiciously are more likely to pay rent on time instead of a few days or weeks late. Keep this in mind in your effort to arrive a little early or on time to open houses and any other appointment with the agents or landlords.

Offer To Pay A Little More Than The Asking Rent

While this probably doesn’t sound attractive to you, it is one of the best ways to get the agent or landlord to rule in your favour –– especially if you really want the property. By offering to pay a little more rent above the listed price, you’re giving the landlord or agent added incentive to choose you over other applicants. More often than not, you’ll find this going exactly the way you planned.

Create A Resume

If you’re serious about an apartment, then it pays to create an attractive rental resume, just like you would draw one up when you’re hunting for a new job. Your resume should include information about yourself, people and pets that you will live with, your income, your job, your rental history, your education, your contact details and your salary. Preparing this information is a huge bonus because landlords and tenants are unlikely to remember every single tenant that visited the property. This resume will help you stay at the top of their minds.

Be Honest And Candid

There’s no point in lying about anything because more often than not some blemishes on your record will come up in the background search. Your best bet is, to be honest from the word go, whether it is about your pets, salary, job or housemates. Your agent or landlord will appreciate this honesty and will more than likely consider you one of the frontrunners for the rental property.

If you’re looking to apply for a rental property, follow these tips and you’ll be moving into your dream property very soon.

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