The Leasing Process

property managers leasing property

At Murray Property, much work is done to market your property and find a tenant – long before the ‘For lease’ sign is placed outside.

  1. Professional marketing
    To ensure your property stands out from competitors, Murray Property takes every step to showcase it to prospective tenants. Our marketing initiatives include:

    • Professional photography.
    • Detailed and informative description of your property.
    • Database of prospective tenants sourced through our contacts with relocation agents and corporate clients.
    • For lease signboards.
    • Internet marketing on leading real estate websites (,
    • Social media promotion on appropriate Murray Property profiles – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus.
  2. Superior tenant selection
    We apply the following six-step screening process to every rental applicant:

    • Screening through national tenant database.
    • Contact with former and current landlords for references.
    • Verification of the applicant’s employment and income.
    • Direct contact with the applicant’s employer as a character reference.
    • Obtain 100 points of identification from each applicant.
    • Source personal references for each applicant.

Once we believe the application is ready to present, we contact you for a decision. You will have the final say about who rents your property. We only recommend individuals who have all the characteristics of a good tenant who will look after your property.

5 ways to prepare your property for marketing

  • Clean – remove scuff marks and stains from walls and floors; clean and polish windows and utility areas to de-age your property
  • Beautify – repair minor damages, refresh paintwork and replace broken fittings to enhance looks and function
  • Declutter – remove mess, wires, gadgets and surplus items from rooms, balconies and garden, to showcase your property’s true proportions
  • Embellish – adorn select surfaces with flowers, artworks and ornaments to add emotion; deodorise the property with subtle scents
  • Brighten – use mirrors and lights to optically enlarge a space; open doors to bring in the natural light.