How To Make Your Property Sales Worthy When You Have Pets

making a property sales worthy when owning pets

While Australian Veterinary Association data claims that nearly 6 out of 10 Australians own a pet, not every person is a fan. This is why most marketers avoid using them in ads for fear that they may put off potential buyers. If you’re looking to get rid of your home and want to make your property sales worthy, follow these actionable strategies.

Remove All Pet Stains and Odours

If your home’s walls are stained or if there is an odour left behind by pets, you may want to get rid of them before any home inspections. You may need to completely vacuum the place or even hire professional cleaning companies to remove all stains and odours for making your home more presentable and sales worthy during inspections. If you cannot remove carpet stains, a good idea is to remove them completely or to place large rugs over stained areas to reduce noticeable blemishes. Keep in mind that new guests will recognise peculiar odours immediately, so be sure to give your home a proper clean-up before prospective buyers start trickling in.

Repair All Damage

Pets are adorable creatures, but they can also cause damage to your home with their paws and nails, especially if they are playful. You may notice damaged furniture, scratched hardwood floors, stained walls and torn upholstery. Look for these potential signs of damage and fix them before hosting a home inspection. These obvious signs of damage could easily put off potential buyers and will leave a lasting negative impression in their minds. You may have to invest in a bit of repair work, but this is well worth it when you think of getting a good price for your eventual home sale.

Relocate Your Pets Momentarily

While it may not be as easy as it sounds, it is most certainly ideal to relocate your pets momentarily when you have home inspections taking place. You certainly don’t want your pet dog sniffing around potential buyers because it could turn them off, especially when they need to make an important decision involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can either leave your pet with a family member or you could find a good pet facility for a few days. This will allow you to display your home beautifully without any distractions from pets.

Make Sure Your Exteriors Are Well Maintained

Many homeowners focus on managing the interiors of a home but end up forgetting that backyards and gardens play a role in purchasing decisions. You’ll want to check your backyard and patios to ensure that there are no signs of pet damage in these areas. For example, holes in backyards or pet urine in patios are obvious signs of pet presence in a home. There’s no point of focussing only on the interiors if there are visible outdoor indications. Make sure you maintain the outdoors well before allowing a home inspection for your property.

These tricks are ideal when you’re looking to make your property sales worthy, especially if you want to attract more prospects for your home.

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