How To Secure A Rental Property When You Have Pets

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Getting Landlord Approval For Your Pet

Pet owners often find it challenging to secure a great rental property where their pets are welcome. While getting a pet-friendly rental property can sometimes be daunting, follow these smart tips and tricks to help you find a great rental property when you have pets.

Provide Landlord Recommendation From A Previous Rental Property

Since you’re trying to convince your new landlords to allow your pets to move with you, it’s always a good idea to get your previous landlords to give you a recommendation. Knowing the history of your pets from previous landlords will give the new landlord enough confidence to believe that your pet will not damage his/her home. Your rental history will prove that your pet isn’t a source of destruction and no undue damage occurred in your previous homes. You can also include information about the way your pet has been trained. Being clear about your pet’s history will give you an added advantage when it comes to acquiring the rental property you desire.

Offer Proof Of Your Pet’s Health History

Landlords are often concerned that sick pets will damage and dirty their homes, which is why they are often averse to tenants with pets. Showing statements and proof from the vet regarding your pet’s health is a good way to assure the owner that your pet is vaccinated and has taken all the necessary medications needed to stay healthy. You can even include information about your veterinary doctors for the landlord to contact them if necessary.

Present An Image Of A Well Groomed Pet

While presenting facts is important, landlords want visual assurance that your pet is well behaved and well groomed. You could offer to bring your pet to meet your potential landlord or you could even invite him to visit you at your current residence. The idea is to present an image of a clean, well-groomed and disciplined pet. Reassure your prospective landlord that you have enough control over your pet. This will give your landlord enough confidence to turn over their rental property to you.

Be Willing To Pay A Few Extra Dollars

It’s natural for landlords to feel wary of potential tenants with pets, so you may need to shell out a little extra if you want to secure the rental property with your pet over other prospective tenants. Consider this extra rent as an incentive to pay the owner for any potential damage your pet may cause to the home. You may also have to keep a pet deposit in addition to the regular deposit, so make sure you have a little extra cash handy when you go house hunting. You may also need to purchase renter’s insurance to cover any damage caused by your pets.

While you may have to go the extra mile to prove your tenant worthiness, these great tricks will help you form a strategic plan when you approach your landlord for a rental property. If you’re currently looking for a property to rent with your furry friend, check out the properties we currently have available for lease.

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