4 Golden Rules to Securing an Eastern Suburbs Rental Apartment

view of eastern suburbs rental apartment

Securing a Coveted Eastern Suburbs Rental Apartment

Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs continue to remain popular with renters for the numerous lifestyle opportunities they provide. From pristine beaches and waterfront views to trendy cafes, everyone wants a slice of the pie. With eager tenants looking for prized addresses quickly lapping up Eastern suburb properties, it can be hard to get in on the action yourself. Follow these golden rules to improve your chances of securing that coveted Eastern suburbs rental apartment.

Get In Touch With The Agent Ahead Of The Viewing To Express Your Interest

Viewings in the Eastern suburbs often see a wave of potential tenants. You should ideally contact the agent ahead of the viewing to express your interest and request for an application form. These small efforts will help get ahead of the pack. Agents aren’t going to remember everyone, but they will remember you if you make a strong impression. Take this time to ask your agent a few questions about the property. This extended level of interest will highlight your desire to secure the rental property. Real Estate Agents often view this interest favourably and will more than likely list you down as a serious contender.

Pen Down An Attractive Cover Letter

A cover letter is an excellent way to help you stand out from other prospective tenants. The cover letter should summarise your details with a clear emphasis on why you are the best tenant for a particular property. For example, if you’ve been in the same permanent job for several years, highlight it in the cover letter. Similarly, if the rental is pet-friendly, demonstrate your pet’s good behaviour in writing and through references. Most tenants forget the power of good cover letters, so you can cut through the clutter with a well written one.

Documentation Is Key With Your Application

Simply filling out an application form without proper documentation will get you nowhere. Agents look for tenants who are well prepared and have the necessary credentials for a property. If you’re really keen on moving into the popular Eastern suburbs, have your application form filled out before the inspection. Make sure you have documents like income proof, reference letters, employer letters and rental ledgers on hand. Agents tend to shortlist applicants who come prepared with proper documents and application forms during inspections.

Offer A Longer Lease Term

Most rental leases are between 6 months and a year. This means that an agent or landlord has to seek out new tenants quicker – often taking more time than desired. If you know that you want to make a life in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, consider offering a longer lease term. For example, offering to sign a lease for two years instead of one year could turn the tide in your favour. A longer lease term reduces expenses for landlords, making it easier for you to secure your coveted Eastern suburbs rental apartment.

Finding an Eastern suburbs rental apartment takes some preparation because of the popularity of the area. Strengthen your chances with these clever tips.

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