5 Tips To Negotiate A Longer Lease For An Eastern Suburbs Unit

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Securing An Eastern Suburbs Unit For The Longer Term

With the Eastern Suburbs in great demand, negotiating a longer lease can help you secure a property for longer. This post shows you how you can maximise your chance of getting a long-lease Eastern suburbs unit. You won’t have to stress about constant moves any longer.

Demonstrate Your Ability To Pay Rent On Time

A healthy bank balance is one of the best ways to demonstrate your ability to pay rent on time. This is especially true if you have a few months’ worth of rent in reserves. In addition, provide proof of regular income payments to the rental agent or landlord. Any statement that demonstrates your ability to pay rent on time will help your case. The main goal here is to highlight your consistency and commitment towards paying rent for the short and long term.

Make Sure You Have A Strong Tenancy Track Record

No landlord wants to take a chance on tenants who don’t pay rent on time or caused disturbances. A poor track record with previous landlords will reach the new agent or landlord through reference checks. Remaining a model tenant will help you improve your chance of securing a long-lease Eastern suburbs unit.

Showcase Any Previous Long-Lease History You Have

If you have previously leased out properties for the longer term, include this information in your rental application. Once a landlord is aware of your strong history of leasing for longer periods, he or she may feel more comfortable entrusting the property to you.

Explain Your Motivation For A Long Term Lease

Perhaps you’re a parent looking to enrol your child in the closest public school, or maybe you’re a professional in a long-term contract. Either way, you may want to stay in a home without having to deal with the hassle of a move. Sometimes all it takes is a simple explanation, but most prospective tenants take this factor for granted. Explaining your motivation in a cover letter addressed to the landlord or property manager may help you negotiate a longer lease.

Agree To Factor Rental Increases Into The Contract

Many landlords prefer to have 12-month lease contracts because it gives them the flexibility to consider rental increases based on existing market conditions at the time. To make your case stronger, make it known that you’re willing to factor rental increases into the contract so that the landlord feels like he or she is getting a good deal. You’ll want to ensure that the increase in rent is within reason, so read the contract carefully before signing to avoid any surprises.

If you’re looking to rent and negotiate a longer lease for an Eastern suburbs unit, give Murray Property a call and secure your dream rental.

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