4 Potential Property Types for First-Home Buyers


first home buyers in sydney

Investing in your first home can be both exciting and terrifying because of the colossal financial commitment you plan on making.  With a myriad of exciting homes and properties available in the market, it can be daunting for first-home buyers to make a choice that’s right for them. This guide is designed to display different property types to help you in your quest to find your perfect first home.

Free Standing Homes

Freestanding homes are ideal for first-home buyers with families because they offer larger spaces for children to play and for adults to unwind after work. If you are looking for a first home with ample space, a fenced backyard and a patio, then this is the ideal choice for you and your family. Freestanding homes can either be single or multi-level, depending on the number of bedrooms you desire. Freestanding homes are typically more pet-friendly, so your furry friends don’t have to be left behind when you buy your first home.

Units or Apartments

Units or apartments are typically more popular with individuals or couples who want to buy their first home without having to worry about the added maintenance that goes along with it. Units or apartments tide in perfectly well with professionals, young families, seniors and couples who wish to live effortlessly. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose a unit or apartment either close to your place of work or near your children’s school. Senior citizens may want to choose a unit close to health centres and public transport.


While townhouses previously had a reputation for poor constructions and designs, they have transformed in appearance over the last decade and are now highly desirable choices for first-home buyers. Townhouses are typically attached to other houses and are built over two or three floors. With a tall and narrow appearance, these modern terrace-style houses deliver ample natural sunlight and better views because they are built on several floors. Townhouses are usually closer to business districts and come in more affordable price ranges than freestanding homes, making them coveted investment choices for first-home buyers. Before choosing a townhouse of your own accord, be sure to pay attention to the interiors, light disposition, entertainment spaces and the number of rooms. Make sure the townhouse amenities resonate with your own lifestyle needs.

Terrace Houses

More traditional in appearance than modern townhouses, many terrace houses in Australia represent Victorian and Edwardian architecture, characterised by exposed brick, moulded skirting, terracotta tiles, picket fences, corrugated roofs, appealing cornices and decorative railings sprinkled throughout the home. Many Victorian-style terrace houses also feature verandahs with iron lacework and ornamental facades. Stained glass windows are common with terrace houses and add a sense of decorative appeal to entrances and windows. These terrace houses continue to remain a popular choice for many homebuyers because of their sophisticated beauty and classical style.  Terrace houses tend to be typically more expensive, but are well worth it when you have the budget to accommodate them.

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