5 Smart Home Technology Gadgets

Home technology gadgets


When it comes to making life easier, adding some smart home gadgets could be just the option for you to consider. Fortunately, we’ve created a shortlist of the top five home technology gadgets you might want to implement for your property to get the most from your time!

Your home deserves the best, and these gadgets could help bring it into the modern world and give it a revolutionary and enjoyable outlook.

#1 Amazon Echo Family

Amazon has recently released a wide selection of different Smart home gadgets, all branded under the “Amazon Echo Family” label. These gadgets could be the ideal option for you to consider for your home. Some of the options available as part of the Echo family include the Amazon Echo itself, a Bluetooth speaker powered by Alexa. Alternatively, if you already have speakers in your home, Amazon has solutions for that as well that can help to connect your speakers to Alexa!

#2 Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub allows you to view and control your connected devices from a single dashboard. Simply use your voice to watch YouTube and play songs from YouTube Music on a crystal-clear speaker. And with Voice Match, get your personalised calendar, commute answers from Google, and more.

The difference between the Amazon Echo family and the Google Nest Hub family comes down to personal preference. Still, if you’re not entirely sold on the Amazon Echo options, then you might want to consider Google Nest Hub for your home.

#3 Even Energy

Even energy provides a greater understanding of your home’s energy consumption. With its accompanying app, you will see how much energy your devices use and switch them on or off with a simple tap or using Siri. Some of its highlights are:

Switch devices on or off with a simple tap or Siri voice command
See how much power your connected appliances are using
Works with Siri
Direct connection using Bluetooth low-energy technology, with no bridge or gateway required.

#4 Arlo Pro 4

A little different from the previous instalments on our list, the Arlo Pro 4 device is the ideal spotlight camera that integrates smart technology. You can install the device in a matter of minutes, and it provides night vision recording, ultra-high-definition 2k recording, and intelligent motion detection tech.

#5 Anova Precision Cooker Wi-Fi

As the final choice on our list, we’ve picked something ideal for helping you make the most delicious dishes freshly made by your own smart-assisted precision cooker. The precision cooking innovative technology creates perfectly cooked dishes every time with no hassle and no mess. So, take the stress out of cooking with this unique Smart pressure cooker instead!

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