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4 Property Management Tenant-Screening Tactics

Utilising Proven Property Management Tactics to Attract the Right Tenants
If you decide to lease your investment property, you’ll want to attract good tenants who take proper care of it. A good managing agent has the skill and experience to screen and filter out tenants who don’t meet the required criteria. Here are some smart property management tenant-screening tactics that managing … Read more »

Protect An Eastern Suburbs Rental Property From Undesirable Tenants

Caring For Your Eastern Suburbs Rental Property With The Right Property Manager
When leasing your Eastern suburbs rental property, you’ll want tenants who maintain it well with minimal disturbance and damage. With different prospects attending your home inspections, how do you know which one will preserve your home and which one won’t? It’s almost impossible!

Protecting your property is … Read more »

Prepare A Rental For Summer With An Eastern Suburbs Property Manager

Maximise Your Rental Return Over Summer With An Experienced Eastern Suburbs Property Manager
Renting out your Eastern suburbs property may not be hard with the number of people looking to live here. But certain efforts can help you better prepare and earn higher rent, especially if you decide to rent out your property in summer. An experienced … Read more »

Spruce Up Your Alfresco Living Space With These 4 Budget-Friendly Tricks

Sultry temperatures and bright blue skies are more than enough to lure you outside. If you’re the type of person who enjoys outdoor entertaining, then a patio or deck outside your home is ideal. But it can start to look weary and timeworn over a period. Here are some budget-friendly tricks to spruce up your alfresco living space for outdoor entertaining.
Give Your Furniture A Thorough Clean Up
Your outdoor furniture can … Read more »

4 Kid-Friendly Flooring Options For Your Investment Property

If you’re looking to attract young families to your investment property, then you’ll need to make sure the home is safe for children to run around without hurting themselves. Here are some kid-friendly flooring choices to install in your rental when you’re looking to attract young families.
Cork Flooring
Cork is both soft and warm underfoot, making it an excellent choice because children tend to fall often as they run from one room to another. … Read more »

How To Find A Great Property Manager

Finding a great property manager through research sounds easier than the reality. If you’re looking to identify property managers, ask around and get referrals from family or friends who have property in the same or nearby area to your property. Apart from referrals, you need to establish a level of comfort with your property manager on your own. So, don’t underestimate the value of a good interview process. Question them! … Read more »

4 Ways to Become a Smart Out-of-Town Landlord

Whether you live in Australia or overseas, owning an investment property comes with a lot of responsibility you can’t shy away from –and it isn’t just about collecting rent. When you don’t live in close proximity to your investment property, it can be especially difficult to live up to your responsibilities as a landlord. These obligations don’t have to be a burden if you follow these tips for becoming a … Read more »

3 Ways Landlords Can Protect Their Furnished Apartment

Protect Your Furnished Apartment Throughout Tenancies
Leasing out a furnished apartment is a good way to attract young professionals, but you’ll also want to ensure that you protect the interests of your apartment by clearly stipulating terms of the agreement. Like any venture, leasing out a furnished apartment comes with its own set of risks, but experienced landlords find ways to protect themselves from potential problems. This guide aims to help landlords … Read more »

5 Value-Boosting Investment Property Renovations

Investment Property Renovations That Add Value
Clever investment property renovations can make a huge impact by increasing the value of the rental yield or capital growth of the property. Simple steps can add to your property’s worth. This enables you to generate better returns when you rent it or sell it again. Before you start, it’s crucial to understand what tenants or buyers are looking for in your suburb. Ultimately, the … Read more »

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Completing a Renovation

Renovations are meant to highlight the best features of a home, but sometimes they end up being major catastrophes you wish you hadn’t undertaken. Making an erroneous blunder during your renovation is not only expensive, but it can also bring down the value of your property. Here are some mistakes to avoid when completing a renovation on your property.
Not Making Proper Renovation Plans
You must always have a clear plan for … Read more »