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5 Tips To Negotiate A Longer Lease For An Eastern Suburbs Unit

Securing An Eastern Suburbs Unit For The Longer Term
With the Eastern Suburbs in great demand, negotiating a longer lease can help you secure a property for longer. This post shows you how you can maximise your chance of getting a long-lease Eastern suburbs unit. You won’t have to stress about constant moves any longer.
Demonstrate Your Ability To Pay Rent On … Read more »

4 Golden Rules to Securing an Eastern Suburbs Rental Apartment

Securing a Coveted Eastern Suburbs Rental Apartment
Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs continue to remain popular with renters for the numerous lifestyle opportunities they provide. From pristine beaches and waterfront views to trendy cafes, everyone wants a slice of the pie. With eager tenants looking for prized addresses quickly lapping up Eastern suburb properties, it can be hard to get in on the action yourself. Follow these golden rules to … Read more »

Is It Tough To Secure A Rental Property When You Have Kids?

With ever growing rental competition, families with young kids can sometimes find it harder to secure a property to rent. Here’s why! Small changes to your apartment search can help you turn the tide in your favour, but you’ve got to be prepared to do the work.
High Demand Areas Usually Lapped Up By Working Professionals
It is difficult for families with young children to secure rental homes in highly sought-after suburbs … Read more »

4 Nifty Ways To Turn Into A Highly Desirable Tenant

Looking for rental housing can be stressful in a highly competitive market in Sydney. You have to battle with a myriad of other tenants to emerge as the most successful for a property. Finding smart ways to stand out from your competition will help you in your quest to secure your coveted rental property. Since landlords and property managers don’t have the time to get to know every applicant, … Read more »

How Landlords Can Legally Issue An Early Termination Notice in NSW

Most tenancy agreements are usually six-monthly or annually based on the agreement between a tenant and landlord. But a landlord can terminate a tenancy agreement legally when tenants breach agreed-upon terms. Landlords may choose to terminate tenancy contracts early for any of these reasons:

The tenant fails to pay the rent on time.
The tenant causes serious damage to the property.

A termination order is issued to specify the date when … Read more »

4 Things Every Tenant Needs To Tell Their Landlord

If you’re renting a home, there are certain things that you need to keep your landlord informed about. This guide is designed to help you with things you need to tell your landlord or managing agent because you may need their approval to avoid breaching your contract.
Let Your Landlord Know You Have A Pet
If you’re bringing pets along with you, be sure to give adequate information about your pet … Read more »

5 Tips To Prepare A Persuasive Rental Application

Make Your Rental Application Stand Out from the Crowd
Showing up to a home inspection with at least seventy other people means you can’t afford to be careless with your rental application. Agents need to make quick decisions for choosing between tenants. You can make the process a whole lot simpler by following these tips to prepare a persuasive application to win you the rental property that is on the top of … Read more »

How To Secure A Rental Property When You Have Pets

Getting Landlord Approval For Your Pet
Pet owners often find it challenging to secure a great rental property where their pets are welcome. While getting a pet-friendly rental property can sometimes be daunting, follow these smart tips and tricks to help you find a great rental property when you have pets.
Provide Landlord Recommendation From A Previous Rental Property
Since you’re trying to convince your new landlords to allow your pets to move … Read more »

4 Nifty Strategies To Pay Less Rent In Sydney

Ways You Can Save Money On Rent In Sydney
With the average rent in Sydney perched around $600 per week, it’s no wonder that rents in the city are the highest in the country. Perhaps you’re saving up for a home or simply don’t make enough to afford the high rents – either way you need to find a place to live when you work in the city. This guide equips … Read more »

5 Golden Rules For Choosing A Rental Home

What To Consider When Searching For A Property To Rent
Looking for a good rental home can be overwhelming because it isn’t easy to find one that meets all your needs and expectations – so you’ll probably have to settle for something that comes close. There’s not much scope for you to modify a rental home, so you’ll need to ensure that the existing offering fits into your lifestyle. Follow these … Read more »